Goldeneye World Records Monthly
September 1 - September 30, 2007

WRs This Month
1:44 Aztec 00 Agent - Ilari Pekkala (29.09.07)
1:58Dam 00 Agent - David Clemens (28.09.07)
0:22Runway Agent - Rafael Lanfredi (28.09.07)
0:48Bunker 2 Secret Agent - Rayan Isran (24.09.07)
0:48Bunker 2 Secret Agent - David Clemens (23.09.07)
1:22Caverns Secret Agent - David Clemens (23.09.07)
1:56Streets 00 Agent - Patrik Nilsson (20.09.07)
1:56Streets Secret Agent - Patrik Nilsson (19.09.07)
0:48 Bunker 2 Secret Agent - Bryan Bosshardt (18.09.07)
1:56Streets 00 Agent - David Clemens (18.09.07)
1:22Caverns Secret Agent - Rayan Isran (18.09.07)
1:10 Frigate 00 Agent - Ryan White (14.09.07)
0:23Frigate Agent - Ryan White (08.09.07)
1:04 Bunker 1 00 Agent - David Clemens (03.09.07)

Top 10 WR Holders
  Eliter Total Untied
1. Bryan Bosshardt 37 11
2. David Clemens 27 +3 2
3. Ryan White 22 +1 5 +1
4. Ilari Pekkala 20 5 +1
5. Rayan Isran 20 +1 4 -1
6. Wouter Jansen 15 0
7. Jimmy Bauer 14 0
8. Dan Cervone 13 0
9. Leonardo Santos 12 0
9. Michael Kirkness 12 0
      September POM: David Clemens
Through the first half of the month, I truly thought it was Ryan White's time for another POM. The usual theme when Ryan does well is that somebody else comes and does a little better. I'll say more about Ryan in the writeup, but David Clemens grabs this month's POM for most WRs, all of which were impressive.

Link: POM history for previous winners and overall standings

WR Setters this Month
David Clemens 5
Ryan White 2
Rayan Isran 2
Patrik Nilsson 2
Ilari Pekkala 1
Rafael Lanfredi 1
Bryan Bosshardt 1

September Summary
This month stated off very slow, much a continuation of August, really. David Clemens started us off early with a bang. Carrying over from last month, David has been working on a faster strategy for Boris running in Bunker 1. He had untied 107-106, and this time he pulls in a 104. Ryan White introduced a new strategy this month. His new route in Frigate 00A does not offer any more speed, and in fact might be slightly slower. However the problem with Frigate isn't speed, it is completion - and this new strategy releases hostages much earlier. Ryan sacrificed some speed for consistency, and nabbed an untied with 110 Frigate 00A. In inspiration, Ryan White also tied the infamous 023 Frigate A, claiming - like everybody but Wouter - not too much time played for completion.

It took nearly 3 weeks into the month for the WRs to start pouring in. In one fantastic day, Rayan Isran announces a 122 Caverns SA tie, David Clemens a 156 Streets 00A tie (quite frankly I'm shocked he didn't have this!) and Bryan Bosshardt an untied at 048 Bunker 2 SA. Bunker 2 has been demolished the previous year, and what is interesting is that right when BB announced his 1 second cut, the TAS announced a 1 second cut (FYI: the TAS is 037!!). Patrik Nilsson finishes off week 3 with the Streets pair. It is always great to see him hit WRs.

It was at this point I started thinking about how picking a POM would be very difficult. A lot of players have really stepped it up in September 2007, but there is still one week to go. David Clemens quickly ties BBs 048 Bunker 2 SA, and Rayan Isran the next day. This was the theme over summer - so often BB RI DC and RW would all hit the same WR. Clemens also grabbed 122 Caverns SA, and is claiming to go for 121 and to have failed a 120! That would be something - 123 was the WR for quite a while IIRC. Rafael Lanfredi nabs 22 Runway A toward the end of the month as well, a name we haven't seen in a while.

The last three days.. Very very nice! Clemens cements his POM award with a 158 Dam 00A. The video has been released recently, and Isran says it is the best Dam 00A run he has seen. Ilari Pekkala came out of retirement for the 11th time (yes, I've counted), with a shocking WR. There has been recent controversy over proof - David Clemens (verified), ODs 145 Aztec 00A, etc., personally I never buy into it. I think Illu's WR put some of that to rest, as he hit a WR on his level - 144 Aztec 00A. A quick video was nice, it is amazing how much better Illu is at Aztec than anybody else in the-elite right now.

September was a very strong month, and Clemens looks poised to run away with the 2007 Player of the Year. Can anybody stop him? There are 3 months left, happy WRing!

The elite total time changes from 1:14:48 to 1:14:43!
There were 7 WR setters this month.
This month featured 14 WRs, 4 untied!

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