Goldeneye World Records Monthly
February 1 - Leap Day, 2008

WRs This Month
1:31Aztec Agent - Rayan Isran (29.02.08)
1:38Aztec Secret Agent - Rayan Isran (29.02.08)
0:21 Bunker 1 Secret Agent - David Clemens (26.02.08)
0:24Bunker 2 Agent - Dan Cervone (24.02.08)
1:25 Silo 00 Agent - Ryan White (22.02.08)
0:22Runway Agent - Dan Cervone (20.02.08)
0:54Facility Secret Agent - Leonardo Santos (19.02.08)
1:56Streets 00 Agent - Axel Zakrisson (18.02.08)
0:54Facility 00 Agent - David Clemens (16.02.08)
1:02 Surface 1 Agent - David Clemens (15.02.08)
0:54Facility Secret Agent - David Clemens (11.02.08)
0:36Cradle Secret Agent - Eddie Lovins (11.02.08)
0:45Facility Agent - Leonardo Santos (09.02.08)
0:22Runway Agent - Henning Blom (03.02.08)

Top 10 WR Holders
  Eliter Total Untied
1. David Clemens 42 +2 7 +1
2. Bryan Bosshardt 37 -2 3 -2
3. Rayan Isran 23 4
4. Ryan White 14 -1 3
5. Ilari Pekkala 13 -1 3 -1
6. Wouter Jansen 11 -1 0
7. Dan Cervone 10 +1 0
8. Jimmy Bauer 9 -1 0
8. Leonardo Santos 9 +1 0
10. Michael Kirkness 8 0
      February POM: David Clemens
Holy what-the? This month was pretty light, but the 3 untieds we saw were crazy. David Clemens set two of them, and the other got the WROM - but all three were dead even in voting. Clemens wins this award for his volume, two ridiculous WRs and consistency through the month.

Link: POM history for previous winners and overall standings

WR of the Month: 1:25 Silo 00A (Ryan White)
This month's WROM reflects a few themes we had in the last couple months. First of all, Ryan White *never* lets anybody take his Silo WRs. Like Illu on Jungle, Ryan has proven that he is the best Silo player at the-elite. Second of all, we have ourselfs another multiple-second untied time! Just last month, Boss and Clemens took the Silo crown from Goose, with a pair of 1:28s. Ryan's response was a swift 1:28, 1:27 untied and now a 1:25 to solidify his place atop the Silo 00A rankings. 1:29 was already good enough for such recognition - this is simply a ridiculous time!

Link: WROM history for previous winners and overall standings

WR Setters this Month
David Clemens 4
Dan Cervone 2
Rayan Isran 2
Leonardo Santos 2
Axel Zakrisson 1
Eddie Lovins 1
Henning Blom 1
Ryan White 1

February Summary
For such a light month, there sure is a lot going on! There were only 3 untied WRs and 14 total WRs, however we saw the return of various players this time around. Leonardo Santos poked his head in with a couple of Facility WRs. Yeah, those Facility WRs that Boss set last year that were mind boggling-ly good. Remember, Santos came on the scene a few years ago with Facility WRs, and has never been one to let up his WRs on this stage. Rayan Isran remains active this month as well, with a late pair of Aztec WRs on leap day. This is Illu's level, so we'll see if we get a response next month from him.

There were a few big stories this month, as well. David Clemens nailed 1:02 Surface 1 Agent. Wait, what? 1:03 has been around for quite some time, and was very popular time for players honing in on their strafing abilities to go for. There isn't too much confusing about this level, and 1:02 requires perfection. I'm just going to toss a number out, but from all the people who have gone for 1:02, I'm sure well over 100 1:03s have been completed. Clemens' other WR this month was 0:21 Bunker 1 SA. WHAT?! Another absolutely outstanding WR. 0:22 is pretty new in itself, and was quite ground breaking when Clemens released his idea and eventual completion of this time. Ryan White closed us out with 1:25 Silo 00A, for once not coming in second in a vote! A little aside, Ryan asked me to make a 2nd place award for all awards given out, called the "Ryan White Chince Award." I'd have to warn you Ryan, one of two things would happen. You get 2nd place on both the Chince award and First place voting, and the world implodes, or you just start getting 3rd place in everything. Careful!

Dan Cervone thought he'd say hi this month, he's been poking around the edges lately after a long time gone. The thing is, he's hitting some pretty sweet WRs while he's at it, with 24BIIA and 22RunA. Lovins is a force of consistency, and hit a very strong Cradle WR, while Axel Z. grabbed the remaining 1:56 Steets WR. A special congrats to Henning Blom always a pleasure to see his proof popping up and a good measure of consistency lately as well, with 0:22 on Runway A. Looking back at this month, there is no Runway 0:23. Odd! Maybe some new trends will start, 2008 is looking pretty hot so far!

The elite total time changes from 1:14:17 to 1:14:13!
There were 8 WR setters this month.
This month featured 14 WRs, 3 untied!

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