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2006 - A year in review
2007 - A year in review

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      Leaders Statistics
Ilari Pekkala:
38 World Records
11 Untied World Records
highlights: Aztec Sweep, Jungle Sweep, Dam SA/00A
WR total: 27 (+14 in 2006) Total, 6 (+4 in 2006) Untied
Time change (approx): -2:05 and 2 ranks, to 2nd
Points change (approx): +147 and 2 ranks, to 2nd

Ryan White:
35 World Records
5 Untied World Records
highlights: Silo Sweep, SII, Facility
WR total: 25 (+19 in 2006) Total, 2 (+2 in 2006) Untied
Time change (approx): -12:37 and 42 ranks, to 4th
Points change (approx): +1423 and 23 ranks, to 3rd

A Year in Review
There were 231 WRs set in 2006
There were 46 Untied WRs set in 2006
The total time changed from 1:16:48 to 1:15:37
There were 24 WR holders on January 1, 2006
There were 36 WR holders on January 1, 2007
The top 10 cutoff in WR count was 6 WRs on January 1, 2006
This changed to 9 in 2007, and 13 players now have 6 WRs or more
In January 2006, Archives :56 were the WRs. Now, 11 people have :55s
In January 2006, the following WRs were untied (and have been broken):
Silo 105/112/132
Bunker2 SA 0:50
Control A 4:00
Train A 1:07
Aztec 135/144/154

In January 2006, the following WRs were untied (and are now tied):
Runway A 0:22
Bunker1 A 0:17
Caverns 00A 1:42
Depot SA 0:43
Egypt A 0:46

2006 POY: Ilari Pekkala
2006 was an incredible year in Goldeneye history at Ryan White and Ilari Pekkala had likely the two best years ever seen, similar in so many ways. It is truly hard to seperate the two, but there must be one winner. The statistics above point to a clear cut answer to two questions.

Who's efforts at the-elite are most noticed in the rankings? Is an obvious Ryan White. He made an astonishing climb from 26/46th to 3rd/4th by setting incredible WR and PRs. His WRs were some of the best we've seen in a while, especially the Silo untieds.

Who had the best World Records year? Is an obvious Ilari Pekkala. While Ryan White's accomplishments were strong, Illu has him outmatched in every area: total quantity, untieds, and top WR quality. While Illu may not have provided a whoard of revolutionary ideas, he did set the most impressive WRs month in and month out through 2006.

In terms of consistency, Ryan White was always there, but always one step under the surface. Whenever Ryan had a good month, somebody else did too - and often that person was Illu. Illu wins this award because of what this site represents. The 2006 player of the year is based on the most impressive player in World Records, not in points and time. That is all on the rankings - we can see that. What often gets left behind on the rankings is who paved the road, who pushed the limits the hardest FIRST, and who proved to everybody else that the Goldeneye WRs can all be improved. And that is where Illu is able to take this years crown.

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